Scalloped Potatoes

scalloped potatoes

Scalloped potatoes is a side dish that we save for special occasions and holidays.  It’s creamy, decadent and oh so rich.  That’s exactly the reason why we can’t have this daily, but it’s definitely worth the occasional splurge!  Thinly sliced Yukon Gold Potatoes are layered in a baking dish, sprinkled with salt, pepper, cheddar and jack cheese and then another layer of potatoes, seasonings and cheese.   Heavy cream and butter is then poured on top of the potatoes and then baked.  The results are delicious.  The potatoes are like a blank canvas, absorbing all the luscious creaminess from the cream and the butter and cheese adds a savory bite to the dish.   It’s a special side dish that surely will impress.  The great part is that you can assemble this ahead of time or even bake it off earlier in the day.  Just bake or warm it up in the oven when you’re ready to serve.  We made this dish last Christmas and Easter and it’s always a favorite with our families.

scalloped potatoes

Scalloped Potatoes Step by Step

scalloped potatoes

It's just too hard to resist the layers of creamy potatoes.

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  1. Amy Tong says:

    This is totally comfort food to me. 🙂 I totally agree, it’s definitely worth the splurge on special occasions (although I wish I can have it a lot more often!) Your’s looks luscious, rich and creamy…just what scalloped potatoes should be. Now, I’m craving for some. 😛

  2. kitchenrunway says:

    Chung-Ah: Yes — reserved only for special occasions! Otherwise I would be in big trouble….

    Ambika: Thank you!

    Myfudo: Hope you like the recipe!

    Amy Tong: Something about heavy cream and butter….it just makes everything simply wonderful!

    Amy: 🙂 *wipe drooooollll 🙂

    Geez Louise: it truly is a perfect combo!

    sippitysup: Yes! Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas 🙂

  3. Julia says:

    These really do look great, one of the best scalloped potato recipes I’ve seen; simple recipe and amazing pictures to really capture their deliciousness! Nice job!

  4. Let Me Eat Cake says:

    these are so beautiful! what a great holiday side dish, but don’t know if i can wait for an occasion the creamy goodness is calling out my name I may have to try them this weekend!

  5. kitchenrunway says:

    Julia: Thank you! You made my day!

    Let Me Eat Cake: I know they’re so tempting… cream and butter makes everything better!

    Priscilla – She’s Cookin’: 🙂

    The Duo Dishes: I agree – nothing like something hot and comforting on a cold chilly day!

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