Scottsdale, Arizona

We love to travel and we take our little girl, Taylor, with us on as many trips as possible.  As long as the destination is in driving distance and the hotel is dog friendly, Taylor is there.

One of our favorite things to do while visiting a new place is sampling the cuisine.  We love restaurants where the locals go and we’re interested in trying the foods that are distinct to that location.

How much we enjoy a vacation depends greatly on how much we enjoy eating the food there (and of course a few other things such as activities and if we got to squeeze some R&R).  That’s the point of a vacation right?  To fully indulge yourself in the sights, smells and taste of a place while resting and relaxing with great company.

We hope you find our travel (food) journal helpful and maybe you’ll try one of the restaurants and menu items that we enjoyed.  Take care and here’s to safe travels and happy eating!


  1. Jo Ann says:

    Hi, met you in line at the O.C. Fair on truck night. Enjoyed talking to you and now just looked at your blog. You and your husband and doggie are so cute. That truck was really good. Remember me, friends not happy about me waiting in line?

  2. kitchenrunway says:

    Hi Jo Ann!! Yes – of course I remember you from the fair! It was so much fun meeting you and chatting! I have to admit the honey lavender biscuits were worth the wait! Take care and hope to run into you in another food truck line!

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