Chocolate Dipped Caramel Biscotti

Yes, it’s true…. I love making biscotti.  I rarely buy it or have it with coffee. I just enjoy the process of making it and eating it by itself.  I find something very therapeutic about making biscotti.  I like mixing everything in one bowl and then using your hands to divide and shape the dough into logs. It’s crunchy and slightly sweet.  I usually make biscotti laced with dried fruits and nuts, but I saw a bag of caramel bites at the store and I couldn’t help it.  Caramel bits are mixed in to the dough, baked twice and then dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with coarse sea salt.  The dark chocolate and sea salt helps cut the sweetness from the caramel and it enhances the flavor of the cookie.  Caramel, dark chocolate and sea salt is a combination that never disappoints.  I think it makes the biscotti a bit more fancy.  Don’t you agree?

chocolate dipped caramel biscotti

learn from me... line the baking sheet with a silpat or parchment otherwise you will be scraping the caramel off of the pan.



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  1. Julia says:

    I sorta find making biscotti therapeutic too! And homemade is like 18 kagillion times better than the plastic tasting packaged stuff, hands down! These look great!

  2. Janet says:

    Odd to say, but I love how much time biscotti-making takes. How the smell slowly invades your space and there’s still a good deal of waiting! What to do! Write letters, watch Amelie again, clean your leather shoes… but my biscotti afternoons have been on a hiatus ever since I moved to an apartment sans oven in January (Oh! The trials and tribulations of student living). Fortunately, that’s all about to end very soon, by this weekend.

    And I think I know the first thing I’m going to do. After I buy some caramel.

  3. Alex says:

    omg these look sinfully delicious! The taste and smell simply oozes from the photos and this blog post 🙂 Such a magic touch adding the caramel bits! Thanks for sharing and also thanks for the “learn from me…” 🙂

  4. kitchenrunway says:

    The Duo Dishes: I second that – salty and sweet! Love!

    Chung-Ah: Thank you! I just couldn’t resist the bag of caramel bits at the store – had to find a way to use them!

    Julia: Thanks Julia! Baking therapy – can’t beat it!

    Meg: Thank you!!

    Janet: 🙂 I know what you mean about accomplishing other tasks while baking biscotti! I love the multi-tasking – it makes me feel efficient!

    Alex: Thank you!! Gotta share the tips and hope to save ppl some frustration along the way 🙂

  5. Kathleen says:

    These were a huge hit! I cannot eat them because I’m allergic to gluten but I am going to try to replicate a gluten free version. My house smelled amazing while they were baking. While I packaged them this morning, I could tell that they are the perfect texture: the way a biscotti should be in terms of crisp. I’m strongly considering making them for my school’s cookie swap. Thank you for sharing an amazing recipe!

  6. kitchenrunway says:

    Kathleen: Yay!!!! I’m so glad that it smelled great while baking and that it was a hit!! Let me know how the gluten free version works out. Take care and thank you again for trying the recipe. Happy Holidays!!

  7. Laura says:

    I just made these as part of the favors for my sister’s bridal shower. I used toffee instead of caramel….but man, holy yum!!! I just wanted to eat all of the dough and not bake them haha. Thanks for a great recipe!!!

  8. Lily says:

    Great recipe! I made these last night — and they are great. The only thing I did different was use semi sweet chocolate because that is what I had on hand.

  9. DeLana says:

    Just found this recipe and I just went to the store to get caramel bits (the only thing I didn’t have already) and to my dismay, they didn’t have any. So I got the caramel squares. I’ve cut them up and rolled most into little balls and with sticky hands, I feel pretty happy about this replacement tho it was a bit more work. Here’s to hoping!

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