Sweet Mesquite BBQ French Fries

sweet mesquite french fries

This is our 2nd Alexia Foods“Reinvent a Classic” French fry trial.  It’s a combination of sweet and savory. I truly love to eat foods that have complex or contrasting flavors – kind of like the ying and yang of foods.  I love hot and sour soup, sweet and sour pork, and even the sweet saltiness of kettle corn.  The sweet and salty flavor has me grabbing for one after another like they are going out of style.  Take the already addicting flavors of a smokey barbecue rub, add the sweetness of brown sugar, and the slight saltiness from the coarse sea salt and we have an addicting little treat in front of us. The fun thing is that the spices and sugar coats the fries pretty well so after you pop one in your mouth you’re left licking the spices off your fingers.  So good!

The mesquite rub that we used in this fry recipe is the same one that we use as a dry rub on our barbecue ribs and steaks.  It’s a sweet and savory rub from Costco that is smoky and full of flavor.  It combines flavors like sea salt, black pepper, chili pepper and red pepper with oregano and dried onion, garlic, and red peppers.  My favorite part is natural mesquite smoke flavor that truly makes this so irresistible to me.  It makes you feel like your food has been slow cooking in a smoker all day long.

This was one of the crowd favorites at a recent tasting party/barbecue that Quyen and I had over the weekend.  We think they were really popular because how how familiar the flavors are.  Most people like BBQ flavor and the hint of sweetness helped round out the fries.  It’s a very warm and comforting flavor combination.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Follow the recipe from our Roasted Black Sesame, Sea Salt & Yuzu post to prepare the French fries.


Toss fries with:

1 Tbs  sweet mesquite rub/seasoning

1 tsp  brown sugar

a couple generous pinches of coarse sea salt

Season to taste.



Alexia Foods is compensating us for our time and products needed to participate in this challenge.

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  1. kankana says:

    This totally sounds like my kinda fries .. I too like combination flavor of sweet soup .. spicy hot ! I have to find this seasoning you used !

  2. kitchenrunway says:

    Nancy @skinnykitchen.com: Thank you!

    Heidi @ Food Doodles: Thank you – I think I can go for another batch right now! 🙂

    Susan: 🙂

    Kankana: Yay for contrasting flavors – it keeps things interesting!

    Heather @ Mmm is for Mommy: Me too….. I can’t wait til you find the seasoning – it’s so versatile!

  3. Kim says:

    Oooh… I like the seasoning because they do all the work for you by putting all the ingredients together. 🙂 So the next question is… what would these fries go with?! Ribs?


  4. Shavaun says:

    Quyen, I tried almost all of your fries at the tasting party, and these were my fave! A good BBQ flavor with the unexpected sweet finish (and who doesn’t like brown sugar?!). I will have to try making these on my own!

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