cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce is a tradition at the holidays.  There’s just something about the festive red hue that makes the dinner table complete.  The sauce is sweet and tart which helps balance the rich and decadent dishes usually served at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Yes, it’s easier to open a can of cranberry sauce and slide it into a bowl, but you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to make your own.  With a few fresh ingredients you can whip up a bowl of homemade cranberry sauce that everyone will be impressed with.  I’ve added pears, orange zest,  a hint of cinnamon and vanilla to add texture and another layer of flavor.  The best part is that you can make this up to a week in advance.  Just store in an air tight container in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve.  In fact, I just made this side dish Monday morning before work.  It’s in my fridge right now waiting for Thursday. Yay, one dish down and many more to go!

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  May it be filled with laughter, love and joy!

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5 Responses to Cranberry Pear Sauce

  1. sippitysup says:

    It’s like a bowl of sparkling jewels (with orange juice added!)… GREG

  2. kitchenrunway says:

    Thank you Greg!!

  3. Geez Louise says:

    i love the simplicity of your photos, it really allows the food to shine! i could eat that on toast- with tea…

  4. Kim says:

    Hey Quyen! Just dropping by to wish you and Derrick a happy and healthy New Year! Hope to see more of you in 2012. :-)


  5. kitchenrunway says:

    Geez Louise: Thank you!! Oh I wished I had some on some toast right now! That would be so divine! :)

    Kim: Thank you!! Happy New Year to you too!! Take care and hope to see you soon! :)

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