Sprinkles’ Strawberry Cupcakes

sprinkle's strawberry cupcakes

If you live in California chances are you have either heard of or had a Sprinkles Cupcake.   I heard last year that Candace Nelson of Sprinkles shared their Strawberry Cupcakes recipe with Martha Stewart.  How could she say no to Martha right?  I knew I had to find this recipe and make it.  I’ve made this three times now and everyone raves about the frosting.  It’s definitely the star of this recipe and a must try if you love strawberries and cupcakes! The cupcake is not too sweet and the strawberry is very pronounced in the frosting. I made these twice this weekend for my only child’s birthday  (my very spoiled dog, Taylor) and to donate to Cupcake Camp OC.   It was a hit at both – and some very skilled palates even said it tastes just like a Sprinkles cupcake!!  Woot hoo!  Success!

sprinkle's strawberry cupcakes

Make sure cupcakes cool completely before frosting


It’s very important to not over mix the batter or the frosting for this recipe as it will definitely make for a tougher crumb and a very  “loose” or “runny” frosting. (The frosting will still taste good but it will not hold its shape and “run” all over your cupcakes) I also add 2-4 drops of red food gel to slightly tint the cupcake batter.  It’s optional but I like the pink shade.

shimmer sprinkles & godiva white chocolate pearls

These Godiva white chocolate pearls & shimmer sprinkles are so much fun!

The fun part of making cupcakes is decorating them. I made regular sized cupcakes for Taylor’s birthday.  I used a large star tip, piped a big swirl on it and then topped it off with a bone shape candy.  I made mini cupcakes for the Cupcake Camp OC and used a large round tip to frost the cupcake then topped it with a Godiva White Chocolate Pearl and Shimmer Diamond Sprinkles.  I think the shimmer sprinkles are so pretty and fun!  Love them!  I snagged these at the TJ Maxx HomeGood Store.   You can also top it with a fresh strawberry if you like.  Be creative – that’s the fun part.

sprinkle's strawberry cupcakes

These cupcakes are definitely "Pretty in Pink" & would be great for any girls' party!

To get the little “blob” of frosting on the mini cupcakes, use a large round tip (Wilton 1A tip) and hold the piping bag directly over the center of the cupcake.  The tip should be about ¼ inch from the cupcake.  Now gently squeeze the frosting until you get the desire amount.  It should spread to a circle like blob.   Sorry for lack of a better word.  I would say circle but circles are perfectly round and I’m not an expert piper – so some of mine are blobs and off center.  =) All well – perfect is boring right – these have personality!  That’s what I tell myself.

sprinkle's strawberry cupcakes

Ready to be eaten...yum!

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  1. Erin says:

    They look perfect to me! Candace Nelson posted some of her other sprinkle cupcake recipes on Martha Stewart Show! I downloaded them all but haven’t tried them yet. At least I know the strawberry ones are a hit 🙂

  2. skip to malou says:

    Quyen, so pretty (in Pink) are you taking orders? haha but thanks for looking for the recipe and sharing it with us. I bet the frosting is really addicting, i want to stick my finger into it and lick it off…yum!

  3. kitchenrunway says:

    Paula: Thank you!! I think I’m in love with the mini sized cupcakes!

    Erin: Thank you! I didn’t know she released more recipes – I will definitely be looking for more!

    The Duo Dishes: That’s for sure – we’ll have to load up on protein & healthy carbs before the cupcake crawl!

    Triple Scoop & RV: Thank you!! =)

    Skip to Malou: Thank you – I’ll bake them for you anytime!! The frosting is definitely yummy!

  4. Anne Coffey says:

    They look absolutely yummy ! Thanks for sharing ~ I would like to know when are we going to see you on cupcake wars ~ you would do fantastic because you are always so creative !

  5. kitchenrunway says:

    Anne: Thank you for the sweet comment! =) You are too kind!

    Marisa! Thank you!! Next time you’re around – let me know I’ll whip you up a batch!

  6. amy says:

    these are amazing! i have made them several times and they get rave reviews. most say they are the best cupcakes theyve ever had! thanks so much. tonight im going to try doubling the recipe for sharing. hopefully it works out ok 🙂

  7. kitchenrunway says:

    Amy: Thank you! 🙂 I’m so happy to hear that you’ve gotten rave reviews! Woothoo!! I doubled the recipe for Taylor’s Birthday and they turned out great. Take care!

  8. Lynda Ngo says:

    Made these for my nephews birthday party and they were delicious! Everyone loved them and the frosting was pure strawberry heaven…thanks Kitchen Runway…u are awesome! Would love to post pictures not sure how???

  9. Kimberly says:

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! You did an awesome job executing this whole article! I loved reading it and can’t wait to use this recipe! I am going to make these cupcakes for my boyfriends paramedic class, really good test subjects-brain break via cupcake I can’t wait! I got an artisan kitchen aid mixer for mother’s day and no one can stop me now from making all these delish cupcakes! I made some two days ago…vanilla bean cupcake, chocolate ganache filling and a coffee frosting…all home made of course with a dark cocoa covered almond to top it off! It was fun and tasty! So thank you for bloggers like you sharing the love of tasty desserts!

  10. Kimberly says:

    totally accidentally put 4 sticks of butter in my cupcakes instead of 2 when I doubled the recipe…delish but SUPER buttery like blueberry muffins should be AFTER you add the butter to them to eat…oopsey….a little blonde…ish….ok sandy colored hair….who doesn’t like butter!(chuckling at self)

  11. kitchenrunway says:

    Lynda: Yay! I’m so glad that everyone loved them! What a lucky nephew to have such a thoughtful auntie! You can email me the photos – I would love to share them!

    Kimberly: Thank you so much!! What a fun way to break in that new Kitchen Aid mixer!! Oh my…vanilla bean cupcakes with chocolate ganache filling and coffee frosting – that sounds amazing!! Way to go!

    Uh oh about too much butter… hmmmm…..too much butter…. is that possible? 🙂 It actually sounds kind of wonderful that it taste like you had buttered it like a blueberry muffin! I can’t wait to hear how the next batch turns out! Woot hoo!! Keep me posted!

  12. abi says:

    Hey i love this recipe but i cant find the darn white chocolate pearls for the life of my. I’m doing these for my daughters birthday! Any ideas?

  13. kitchenrunway says:

    Hi Abi, I found mine at a Hallmark Store. I’ve also have seen them at my local CVS & Target (by the check out) Good luck! You can try subsituting the chocolate pearl with an M&M or another similar shaped candy. Take care & Happy early birthday to your daughter! 🙂

  14. rose says:

    Made these recipe today for my neices birthday!
    I didn’t make cupcakes I made your recipe as a
    Cake and one word AMAZING! I made a homemade strawberry
    cream cheese frosting WOW! 🙂

  15. kitchenrunway says:

    Hi Rose! What a perfect cake for your niece’s birthday! I’m so glad that it was a hit and strawberry cream cheese frosting sounds like the perfect frosting to go with the cake!!

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