Sugar Rush….

snickerdoodle cookies

I just hosted my first Annual Cookie Exchange. It was a great way to get together with the girls and swap recipes! Even though I’ve never participated in a cookie exchange – I have seen pictures of them where a table is covered with waxed paper and the cookies are just dumped on to the table. That is not what I envisioned my cookie exchange to be. If you’ve spent hours picking out a recipe, shopping for the ingredients and then mixing, rolling, shaping, baking and decorating your cookies – they deserve to be show cased on a pedestal. I’m just saying!

soft chewy molasses cookies

The cookies needed a special place to sit pretty before we devoured them. First – the table cloth. I’ve never ironed my table cloth before…but boy does it make a big difference. So if you have time before throwing a party – I highly recommend ironing your table cloth before hand. Trust me…it never made sense to me before I tried it myself!

cookie exchange party

Next, I set out pretty and functional dishes. I kept the serving trays and platters simple. I know it’s tempting to use all fun holiday inspired plates and such, but I really wanted to keep it sophisticated and I didn’t want the dishes to compete with the cookies. The cookies were the main focus after all. Add some elements to create a festive atmosphere. Keep it simple. I covered some empty soup cans with wrapping paper and crumpled up some foil to put in the bottom. Then filled them with an assortment of candy canes. I also placed bows and other holiday decorations around the table to tie it all together. It was just stuff that I had in my Christmas box that I’ve saved from gift baskets and presents. Also – tall vases are perfect for tall flowers such as gladiolas. It was easy, trim the bottoms and stick them in a tall vase. I actually wanted to fill the vase with cranberries, but I couldn’t find any cranberries anywhere! Maybe next year.

Here are some of the cookies that we got to sample: YUM!

Barefoot Contessa’s Jam Thumbprint Cookies

apricot strawberry thumbprint cookies

Nestle’s Yuletide Layered Bars

Yuletide Bars

Even Bakerella’s Cake Pops made an appearance…

holiday cake pops

 Molasses Spice Cookies

chewy molasses cookies

Cowboy Cookies

cowboy cookies

Martha Stewart’s Kitchen Sink Cookies

marth stewart kitchen sink cookies

Toffee Cookies

toffee cookies

I truly believe that it’s the little details that make your gatherings, party or event stand out. The mini ornament place card holders were so cute and I got so many compliments on them! I got a set of 6 at Michael’s with my 40% off coupon for less than $3.00. The great part is you can reuse them year after year. I printed up every one’s names and their cookies. It was a fun way to label every one’s creations.

peppermint chocolate balls

best snickerdoodle cookies

and…here’s the best part of the night…actually getting to eat the goods! Clearly, my plate is too small!

cookie exchange party

(Molasses Spice, Better Home & Garden’s Snickerdoodles, Toffee Cookies, Cowboy Cookie, Chocolate Mousse cup & Pumpkin Bar with Cream Cheese Frosting) Can we say delish?!

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