Baked Eggs with Asparagus & Mushrooms

This recipe is a simple way to feed a crowd for a brunch, get together or even a shower.  Everything goes into one dish – the protein & vegetables – and then into the oven.  It’s easy, fast, and the eggs come out fluffy and light.  This is a vegetarian friendly dish, but you can easily add diced ham or chopped cooked bacon to the dish before baking to make it savory.

baked eggs with asparagus mushrooms tomatoes

A light and fluffy vegetarian breakfast dish.

ingredients for baked eggs

I use peppadew Havarti cheese because I like the slight spicy kick that it gives the bake.

Fresh and healthy ingredients lends to a delicious and flavorful dish.  You can substitute pepper jack cheese or any other cheese for the peppadew.  Keep in mind if you use a saltier cheese such as cheddar – you may need to add less salt to the dish.

sliced mushrooms and asparagus

Sliced criminis and asparagus

step by step photos for baked eggs recipe

Saute vegetables, combine ingredients, pour into dish & bake

Quickly saute the vegetables, combine ingredients and then bake – that’s it.   So simple yet so satisfying!  It’s also an easy way to sneak some vegetables in for breakfast.  It’s kid tested and approved – in fact my siblings (13, 14, & 15 years old) went back for seconds.  My sister who hates tomatoes even said the tomatoes were good in the dish!  I was honestly surprised she didn’t pick them out.  So there you go – if you chop everything up and mix it up in something yummy – they will eat it.


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  1. Patsy says:

    This recipe sounds delicious as well as nutritious, but being a Southern gal from N.O. I’d have to add a little more flavor to it with some chopped scallions or green onions. I’m definitely going to try it.

  2. kitchenrunway says:

    Patsy: I love the idea of chopped scallions and green onions – it’s going to add some nice flavor and color!

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