Taylor Thursday & Mango Iced Tea

mango iced tea

Mango Iced Tea

Summer is here and it would be nice to sit back with an ice tea and enjoy the warm days laughing with friends.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find enough hours in the day and I always feel like I can’t get caught up with life in general.  I wished there was more time to just relax and forget about all the stresses of life.  This recipe takes me back to the more carefree days of my childhood. 

I grew up in Georgia where things aren’t quite as rushed and chaotic as it is here in California.   I have nothing but lovely sentiments of Georgia.  It’s my home and the culture and values have helped mold me to who I am today.  It’s no secret that sweet tea is a staple in the South.   Practically every home had a pitcher of  sweet tea in the fridge ready to serve – including our Asian household.   It’s a very comforting drink that reminds me of home and a time when things were more simple.  Of course I was just a kid so how much stress could I possible have?  Nonetheless, I have many fond memories of hanging out at my friend Marisa’s house talking and giggling over a glass of sweet tea.   

quyen & marisa

Here we are getting ready to leave for Girls State with my Keroppi pillow and a bottle of iced sweet tea in hand!

Sweet tea is also a great beverage to serve at baby and bridal showers or even spiked with a splash of rum or vodka.   So here’s a recipe for sweet tea with a twist:  Mango Iced (Sweet) Tea.  Go ahead, brew yourself a pitcher of  tea, sit down, kick up your feet and take it easy.   The laundry can wait until later…


mango juice

Just in case you're curious... here's the mango juice that I used.

Where’s Taylor you ask? Well – she was taking a nap while I was taking the photos for the iced tea.  She definitely knows how to set aside time to rest and relax.  She then woke up and wanted to get some fresh air and then tried to go for the mango iced tea!  That booger!  Oh well… I guess Derrick gets that glass!

taylor - mango iced tea

Taylor... such a sneaking little girl!



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  1. kitchenrunway says:

    Erin: Thanks! It’s definitely perfect for summer!

    Slice of Southern: Thank you!! Peach & orange iced tea are also refreshing combos!

    Susan: Out of those 3 – I love Taylo most too! 😉

  2. Kim says:

    I love that you have a Keroppi pillow! Did Girls State coincide with Boys State? Because I have lots of guy friends that did Boys State. 🙂

    Taylor’s still a cutie…


  3. kitchenrunway says:

    Tiffany: What’s going on Saturday? It’s a must everyday 🙂 haa,haa

    Kim: OMG – I was super into Keroppi back in high school! Maybe I shouldn’t admit that!? I was almost 17 in that picture & traveling with my trusty Keroppi pillow! haa,haa I actually just bought Keroppi stickers while in Scottsdale Memorial Day weekend!

    Yup – Girls State coincides with Boys State.

  4. Nancy@acommunaltable says:

    Have to say I was never a true fan of straight up iced tea (hot tea, however is a whole ‘nother matter!)
    With the addition of mango juice though I can see I could easily become a fan … and as for Taylor – I am already in love!!

  5. kitchenrunway says:

    Nancy: I know – you have to like sugar water to truly enjoy iced (sweet) tea. I love hot tea too! I know Taylor would love you too!!

    Louise: Thank you!!!! Taylor & Flapjack need a play date!

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