It’s Girl Scout Cookie season…

It’s easy to eat through a whole box of Thin Mints…by yourself!  Girl Scout Cookies® only come once a year – I have to find a way to share my stash and make it last.  What if I could make 10 Thin Mints  become at least 16 servings?  Sharing is good right?

My delicious solution:

Thin Mint Brownies

Thin Mint Brownies

Thin Mint Andes Mints Brownies

Put ingredients in medium bowl and mix with a wooden spoon

Thin Mints Andes BrowniesThin Mints Andes Brownies

 Coarsely Chop the Thin Mints & Andes

Thin Mint Andes Mints Brownies

Line pan with foil, spay with cooking spray and pour brownie mixture into pan. Place Thin Mints & Andes on top & press into batter


It’s minty, rich, and fudgey.  You can taste the crispy mint cookies in the brownies while the bits of mint chocolate gives the treat a sweet surprise.  Add more cookies or mints into the batter if you want a stronger mint flavor.

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  1. kitchenrunway says:

    Hi Erin! I hope you try it! I know your family will enjoy these brownies! “Print” option coming soon =)

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