Taylor Thursday

taylor & spuddy buddy

Taylor with her Idaho Potato "Spuddy Buddy". She hates wearing clothes and she thinks she's saving her toys when she helps them take it off! She then proceeded to rip off the tag. I'm happy to report that Spuddy Buddy still has all of his limbs intacted (for now).

Some people love Meatless Monday or Wordless Wednesday – well, I prefer Taylor Thursday!  It’s no secret that Derrick and I are obsessed with our only child, Taylor.  We adore dogs, especially Golden Retrievers, not that we’re biased or anything.  It just happens to be a great breed for our lifestyle.  Taylor is fun loving, active, great with children and a wonderful family dog.  She’s extremely smart, loyal and very sensitive.  She loves the beach and the great outdoors. (now I feel like I’m writing her profile for eharmony or match.com)  Like most dog parents, we think our dog is the cutest and most perfect dog ever, but in reality we know we have created a spoiled monkey.   She doesn’t know how to share her toys, she sheds fur like it’s going out of style and she’s never puts her toys away.   Regardless, we love her unconditionally and she’s makes our family complete. 

We probably do things that “non-dog people” might find out of the ordinary, such as throw dog birthday parties, donate my Panda Express Wok Star Challenge winnings to The Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue (an organization that is doing amazing things for abused and neglected Goldens – check out their Facebook Page for updates of how they are healing the hearts and lives of these innocent animals) and now…starting “Taylor Thursday” on my food blog.  Strange to some, but to me it seems perfectly normal.  So I hope you enjoy these installments of Taylor on Thursday.  I will try to keep it food related but for the most part it will be us documenting our dog as she enjoys the simple things in life.  Something that I can definitely learn from Taylor and something that I need to do more often.   

So here’s to Taylor Thursday!


Some background on Spuddy Buddy – because I know you’re curious about where I got a potato toy for Taylor to slobber all over!

I attended Campblogaway at the end of April (a very special thanks to Zojirushi for generously sponsoring me to the event!).  I had a wonderful time and got to meet many amazing food bloggers and people in the industry.  I got to spend time with old friends and make new ones that I look forward to keeping in touch with.  The Idaho Potato Commission was one of the sponsor for the event and everyone received this awesome “Spuddy Buddy”.   I immediately knew that Taylor would love it!  In fact I think they would be great party favors for Taylor’s upcoming birthday party – just sayin’.   




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  1. Beth says:

    What a precious girl! I’m a dog lover myself so I can relate…and probably a little more so. I had a beautiful shepard mix dog that I rescued. Smartest dog I’ve evern known…and my baby. So talk away! It’s good to hear the beautiful things that dogs bring to our lives!

  2. kitchenrunway says:

    Louise: Oh yay!! I’m glad there are others out there that think dog parties are normal too! 🙂

    Gastronomer: Awww…..I think Taylor has that affect on people – I can’t help it…

    Beth: Thank you!! Oh Shepards are such great loyal & smart dogs! I’m glad I have a Taylor Thursday fan! 🙂

  3. Kim says:

    LOVE Taylor Thursday!!! Can Britta come to Taylor’s birthday party?! She’ll bring some dog treats to share!!


  4. kitchenrunway says:

    Krissy: Aww thanks! (btw – Taylor is a girl — I know Taylor could go both ways) Taylor & Chester should definitely have a play date! 🙂 She loves playing with little dogs.

    Julie: Taylor loves toys, but I definitely think the long limbs are a plus!

    Kim: Yay!! Glad you like Taylor Thursdays! Yes – Britta is definitely invited to Taylor’s birthday party! Save the date for the first week of August!!

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