Taylor Thursday & Lazy Beach Days

beach pup

June and July flew by and we’re wondering what happened to summer.   I think with the longer days we pack in so much more.  I often feel that instead of relaxing I’m trying to recharge from a busy and full summer schedule.  So we’re pushing the “pause button” and taking time to relax.   The dog beach is one of Taylor’s favorite spots and we love taking her there.  It’s gives us a chance to get away from everything and enjoy a beautiful summer’s day.  Taylor, a Golden Retriever mix, is naturally drawn to the water and is super active and sporty.  She especially loves playing Frisbee at the beach.  She is an excellent swimmer and has been known to take a dip in our friend’s pool on her own accord or jump into the lake for a quick swim.  So no recipes today – just photos of Taylor enjoying a gorgeous day at the beach.  It’s too hot to turn on the oven anyways! 

This is how the day at Coronado Beach in San Diego started…

taylor with frisbee

Nice sunny day at the dog beach

Then she gets into the water and decides to run and shake off at the same time…


Look at her ears go and her facial expression is priceless!

Taylor continues her game of Frisbee in the ocean…she can do this all day!
Taylor Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach is the best dog beach ever! The scenery is just breath taking!

San Diego is an easy quick trip for us and we love going because the dog beach is so amazing.  If you’re ever in the area and have your dog in tow – make sure to stop by the Coronado Dog Beach.  It beautiful and there’s a foot shower at the entrance of the beach to rinse off your feet or your pup before getting back into the car, which is a definite plus for us! 

Here’s to summer!  Wishing you many relaxing beach days!

P.S.  Taylor wishes her Grandma Susan a very Happy Birthday today!

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    Amy: Thank you!!

    Beth – SliceofSouthern: Aww – thank you – she had a wonderful time at the beach!

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