Can It Forward Day

I love the look of canning jars.  They’re so versatile and perfect for sweet teas, lemonades, flowers and candles.  For years I’ve been using them for vessels to hold other items, but I’ve never used it for it’s main purpose… to can. I want to learn and experiment with making my own jams, especially with all the fresh and beautiful fruits available during the summer months.

I’m excited to share that today is National Can It Forward Day!  This event is taking place at Minnetrista in Muncie, Indiana. Jarden Home Brands, the makers of Ball® brand fresh preserving products, and the Minnetrista Master Preservers will stream live demonstrations and answer audience questions to demystify the art of canning.   I’ll be watching today to learn tips and recipes and will be posting my canning  experiences soon along with a fun giveaway.

You can follow the conversation on Twitter at #canitforward.  All recipes that are demonstrated today will also be available on Fresh Preserving.  Have fun and learn something new today!

If you have a favorite canning recipe please do share.  I would love to try your go to recipe!



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  1. Kyra says:

    I have canned for years…the main things to take into account is the costs, the season, and the nutrition. For example…I can can anything, however in some cases it may not be the cheapest thing for me to can, I may not get as much nutritional value from it canned as I would frozen, and it may be better to just eat it seasonally. I try to take these things into account when I can foods. The foods I find are the very best to can are jams, jellies, salsas, and pickles. Once you have a large stock of jars and a large pantry (and a pressure cooker) things like spaghetti sauces and soup bases make a lot of sense. The very smartest thing you can do is contact your local extension office and speak to them about canning processes. They are a wealth of information (like do not ever believe for a second you can sterilize your jars in your dishwasher) The other thing I would recommend is the book “Putting Foods By” One of the best books on canning out there. I welcome you to the long line of canners…we have always enjoyed it…

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